Artist Crowns Her Watercolor Illustrations with Hand-Lettering

Native New Yorker Louisa Garcia has been working as a graphic designer for 6 years. It won’t be wrong if we call her as jack of all spades as she is also interested in photography, lettering and watercolor illustration. “I may seem like a bit of an overachiever, but that’s only because I love learning new things.” she says in her bio. She has a brilliant Instagram feed, where you can find her hand-lettering and watercolor illustrations. While having her morning coffee, she pours all her interest areas on a sheet of paper then arranges a flat lay portrait of her desk to share with her followers. She also states “I am a sucker for beautiful pastries, art museums, fashion and I secretly cry happy tears at weddings (every single time). I love to travel, read and learn new languages.” in her blog. When asked about her fuutre plans, she replies as follows; “I’m in the process of creating my first book, French Pastry Line Drawings, which should be published by spring of 2020.” Wanna see some photos taken from her portfolio? Just scroll down and get inspired by her impressive art pieces.

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