Planning a Wedding on a College Budget

A wedding can cost a fortune, and you will definitely need months to plan it if you want to have a proper and lavish one. However, how do you plan college weddings? You will be short on time as well as money. Moreover, if you are still studying, the thought of planning a wedding while maintaining your grades can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! You can certainly make a budget wedding and still have quite a lot of fun. You need to make the best use of the affordable tools and options available to you. Here are a few ways to have a college marriage without facing many issues.

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#1 Be realistic with your budget

One of the first steps that you will have to take will be to decide on a budget. Even if you lack money, there will be plenty of options available if you are interested in taking quick cash loans. Another option could be to write assignments for your friends. Most students opt for writers online, but instead, you could do their assignment and make some money for the big day.

#2 Get your friends involved in your budget wedding

This can be one of the simplest ways to solve budget issues. Instead of opting for professionals, you can get your friends to do all the basic things. So, don’t buy photographer’s services. Ask a friend who is good at photography instead. Similarly, you can find friends who show talent in singing, wedding planning, etc. However, make sure that no friend is getting affected due to this. One can just buy assignment in the UK if there are plenty of assignments. Instead of pressurizing yourself as well as your friends over the required tasks to be completed within a particular deadline, buy assignments online to make it easier. Moreover, if you get your assignment done by a professional or you buy assignments online from reliable writing services, you will definitely get everything on time and will have a chance to receive a top grade.

#3 Do the college weddings yourself

It might look like a daunting task. However, instead of getting everything done by a professional, you could do most of the tasks yourself. There are plenty of things such as wedding invitations, selecting the flowers, deciding on the people involved, etc. that can be done by you and your friends. One can easily find multiple ideas on sites such as Pinterest, which can make DIY simpler and reachable. So, don’t buy all the wedding décor, make up some on your own and save your money.

Source: Pexels

#4 Pick an affordable diamond

If you are getting married in college, the person will definitely not be interested in the size of the diamond ring that you buy. Therefore, instead of going for the pricier options, select an alternative that is on your budget. Opt for something that is elegant and will also make the bride satisfied and feel special. At the end of the day, what really matters is the person that you are marrying and the love that you two share.

#5 Fancy places are definitely not the solution

Fancy wedding locations might not be the best way if one is tight on the budget. Therefore, instead of selecting a place near the beach, you can simply go for wedding planning colleges to ease out on the expenditure. You can also choose the same spot for your engagement as well as marriage. After all, the main talk will be about the couple and not the venue. This will help you save money, and at the same time, the wedding guests won’t back out.

#6 An affordable reception dinner

In any wedding, the reception dinner is one of the most expensive things to plan. So, instead of going for a lavish meal with a significant number of dishes and a classic three-tier cake, go with cheaper options. Simply opt for mac ‘n’ cheese along with salad and a simple main dish, and it will definitely be one of the best meals that your college mates would have had in days. Moreover, you could ask a friend who loves baking to make a delicious cake to save money.

There might be a few setbacks on the way. However, having a college wedding will undoubtedly be special. Planning weddings on a budget can be a challenging task, but it is definitely something that can be done. So, no need to think or panic too much. Don’t lose the chance to marry your sweetheart when the time is right and with the people you have shared college and can have fun with.




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