Beach Fashion’s Answer to Coronavirus – Trikini – Colorful Face Mask Bikini Set

Tiziana Scaramuzzo, owner of Elexa Beachwear in Senigallia, said she first made the pandemic-safe swimwear last month to keep spirits up at her home amid the country’s coronavirus lockdown. But after posting images of her daughters sporting the three-piece suits on Facebook, the garments became a viral hit – with orders flooding her store, she said. Scaramuzzo said she thinks people are buying the brightly patterned beachwear to keep themselves from getting the blues amid the global crisis. She didn’t say how many orders she had received – or how folks could avoid unsightly tan lines. Check out these fashionable pieces in the gallery below.

An Italian designer’s colorful face mask bikini set – dubbed a Trikini – is selling like hotcakes even though she created it as a joke, according to a report.

“The idea was born joking with the family,” – Tiziana Scaramuzzo told Italian news outlet Centropagina.

“We thought about how it could have been to go to the beach this year with a mask and then I thought of making one in lycra, combined with the costume.”

“It was more of a game, but in the end it could become a reality if the situation were to unlock.”

A trend that is already going crazy on the web, even if the swimwear market is still paralyzed by the lockdown, but the imagination of the craftsmen, that one, cannot stop anyone.

via [nypost]