The Best Ways to Propose to Your Partner

Credit: Pexels

Finding a unique way to propose to your partner can almost be as challenging as actually proposing. Everyone wants to come up with the idea that will be unique and memorable. There are plenty of ways to make your proposal to your partner feel as special as you want it to be. Here are some proposal ideas that can show your partner how much you want to love them for the rest of your lives.

Public proposals

Before considering these ideas, be sure you know that your partner has the same thoughts about you two getting married soon. A conversation should happen about what the future looks like for your relationship, and if the idea of marriage is something you both want. The last thing any person proposing wants is a partner that feels pressured to say yes in front of a bunch of strangers, or worse yet, says no, which leaves you both sad and humiliated. That’s why a marriage must already be discussed and agreed on in the relationship.

With all of that said, one idea you might consider is to take your fiancé-to-be to their favorite place in town. Maybe it’s the fountain you two have walked past many times or a monument that has a lot of personal significance to the both of you. When you’ve reached this place, you can find someone nearby and ask them to take a picture of you together. As you two get into position to pose, turn toward your partner, and drop down on one knee.

Another idea you might consider could involve music. If your partner is big into music, consider hiring a choir or band to come to perform your future fiancée’s favorite love song in the park. Add a personal touch to the song by asking the performers to use your fiancée’s name in the lyrics. If you’re feeling really confident in yourself, instead of hiring a singer to sing your partner’s favorite love song, you could write your own to sing to them. It perhaps might be even more special if it’s written by you. One other way you could go the musical route with your proposal is by going out dancing.

If it’s possible, you can ask if the DJ can hand you the mic to dedicate a song to your partner, and then while you two are dancing, you can propose to them on the dance floor. If you’re big on grand romantic gestures, a big proposal idea you could try is to hire a skywriter to spell your proposal out for everyone to see. If that idea is a little too expensive for you, another grand gesture you could try is to hire a diver to make a proposal for you in a fish tank. You can create a waterproof sign that has “Will you marry me?” written on it, and then the diver can take it up to the glass where you and your partner are, and hold it up for them to see.


Home proposals

These proposal ideas are great if your partner is more introverted and doesn’t like too much attention to be on them. It can take a lot of pressure off of the situation for you as well, since you know it will just be the two of you. In a way, it will make the proposal more intimate, and perhaps even more memorable than a public proposal. One private proposal idea you might want to consider is to find a favorite room in your home and fill it with photo memories of your relationship. You can get some balloons to hang them from or cover them on the walls. You could blindfold your partner, walk them to the room, take the blindfold off, and they’ll be really surprised to see all of the beautiful memories of your relationship as you get down on one knee to propose.

If your partner is a food lover, this next proposal idea will work well for them. You can hire a personal chef to cook all of your future fiancée’s favorite foods. At the end of the night, as you two are having dessert, you can go into your romantic speech about how much you love them, and then, propose. If hiring a personal chef is a little expensive, an even better idea could be to cook the meals yourself, or with your partner. While hiding the ring in some food might be nice, it may be better to avoid this cliché proposal idea, as some partners have accidentally swallowed their engagement rings. It wouldn’t be romantic to have to propose to your partner after the ring is taken out through surgery. Instead of hiding the ring in the food, you could have them close their eyes, and bring out a cake with frosting spelling the words, “Will you marry me?”

If you’re a good writer, a note proposal might be a good idea for you. You can take a red velvet ribbon and tie it from one spot in your home to another, each attached with a little note. On the note, you could write about some of the most memorable moments in your relationships, and the way you felt about your partner after each moment. At the end of the ribbon trail, you can be down on one knee with your ring ready to make a new memorable moment in your relationship.

One other home proposal idea worth considering is great if your partner is into puzzles. You can get a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your picture and the words “Marry me?” on it. When you and your partner are home with nothing to do, that can be the perfect time to pull out the puzzle. As you and your partner are working on it, it will eventually be really clear what the puzzle is going to say. Once your partner can tell what it’s going to say, feel free to go ahead and do the proposal. Afterward, you two can finish the puzzle, and take a picture of it to show all of your friends and family.


Holiday proposals

The holidays are a special time to really connect with those we care about. It’s in that spirit; it can be one of the best times to propose to your partner. You can make a unique proposal based on one of your partner’s favorite holidays. Arguably, the holiday people enjoy celebrating the most is Christmas. You could surprise your partner by buying them a pet that you’ve both always wanted to have together. When your partner opens your present, they’ll be happy to see the pet you bought, but they’ll be even happier to eventually discover the surprise of the ring you tied around the pet’s neck.

Another holiday that’s not too long after Christmas is New Year’s Eve. There could perhaps be no better way you could close or start your partner’s year off well than with a proposal. On New Year’s Eve, you can take your partner to a romantic spot before midnight. As the time approaches, you could then propose to her, and celebrate with a kiss and some champagne (or whatever drink preference you two like). One of the most common days that proposals happen is on Valentine’s Day. According to one article, about 50% of all proposals happen on this one day alone.

One idea you could try is whenever it’s getting close to February 14th; you could hang written Valentine’s Day messages throughout your home. Then, once the date arrives, you could present them all to your partner with a box of chocolates and your ring. If you really want to crank up the romance, another idea is you can have a petal of roses surrounding a bubble bath, with some chocolate strawberries nearby. As you two enjoy the water and dessert, you can have your ring hidden under a bar of soap, and you can pull the ring out to surprise your partner.


Destination proposals

A proposal made while traveling on a romantic getaway can be the perfect way to end a trip. Let’s say you and your partner decide to go to an island. You could suggest building a sandcastle as an activity you two can do. Make sure you’re building the sandcastle at a safe distance from the ocean. While your partner isn’t looking, when you two are almost finished, place your ring at the top of the tower, and it will be a sandcastle they’ll never forget building. If mountains are more exciting to your partner, you two can hike the top of a mountain, and while your partner is enjoying taking pictures of the incredible view, you can get down on one knee behind them with your ring in hand.

Whether you go with a grand romantic gesture, or something smaller and intimate, there are many ways you can go about creating a special proposal for your partner. Consider some of their favorite things in the world, and try to incorporate them into your ideas to do something memorable. If you need help with finding a good ring, you can look through some rings at Jewelry Lab.