20 Distinguished Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The horseshoe is an unusual subject, yet the meaning of this symbol is not that bad at all. When people find a horseshoe along the road before, they consider it as a lucky sign. These days, it’s unlikely to find a horseshoe because of our modern times. Hence, people get a horseshoe tattoo. The horseshoe tattoo symbolizes good luck, success, and wealth. This design is versatile as it works for both women and men. Aside from chance, this tattoo also means happiness. Moreover, the horseshoe tattoo typically comes with other subjects such as a star, dice, a clover with four leaves, and flower. Here are some of the unique horseshoe tattoo ideas.

The horseshoe with vines tattoo features a detailed horseshoe art, and it comes with leaves, wrapped around it. It looks better in black print and bigger sizes, wherein most people put this design on the back part of the body. Some tattoo artists use green color on the vine to make the design more remarkable.

Another exceptional design is a minimalist horseshoe tattoo, which people frequently put on the hand, inner bicep, or upper chest part. It features a meek horseshoe artwork, in either pointillism or vector approach. Moreover, it looks better in solely black or grey color.

Some tattoo artists add color to make the horseshoe tattoo more attractive. They typically add colors, outlining the horseshoe form. Other artists make the whole tattoo colorful, depending on the message that the owner wants to implicate. Moreover, millennials pick modern designed-horseshoe styles, regardless if it’s small or big. Most people use a single horseshoe on their tattoos, while some go out of the typical designs. The triple horseshoes make an attractive tattoo design, especially in black color. It comes in a sketch-look, and this design is apt on the arm, leg, or upper chest part of the body.

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