Top Ways to Create the Memories of the Most Important Days in Your Life

It’s sad to think about how we only have so many moments on this Earth and that each one we don’t use to its fullest is lost potential, but it’s important to remember that as well. The reality is that we have only so little time to be with the people we love, tell stories, do the things we’ve always wanted to, and most importantly, create memories, so it pays to think about this from time to time.

Instead of dwelling on the lost moments, it’s good to consider how you can make the most of your time while you have it. The best thing to consider is that you can make more memories starting now. You don’t need to always be doing something crazy, but you can find time in the in-between moments to enjoy life. Here are some great ways to create lasting memories of your best days.

Hire a Photographer

The first one you can do is get an actual professional photographer to document an important event. If you look at the work at Camarie McBride photography, you can see why it’s so crucial to get a real artistic touch to document the cherished memories. It could be a big birthday celebration, a retirement party, and most often a wedding, but whatever it is, it’s a good plan to finally have a truly qualified photographer capture those precious moments in your life.

Create a Bucket List

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to start living without some foundation on what you want to accomplish, see, or do. The idea of the bucket list is to help you write down all the goals you want to achieve or things you want to do before you kick the bucket, so to speak. This is a good one for people who have a lot going on in their heads and find it hard to visualize stuff. Skydiving, snorkeling in a coral reef, climbing a mountain, flying in a helicopter, all of these are some activities you might want to check off your list someday so it’s good to start making the list early to give you time to think on them.

Create a Physical Photo Collage

With smartphones, tablets, computers, and other forms of electronics, we’ve lost our appetite for physical media, which is sad because digital technology can’t replicate the same feeling. Photo collages, with actual prints and polaroids, are an awesome yet simple way to keep your memories close by. It’s not hard to print photos as well, as many big stores still offer this service, while some people decide to get into film photography to accomplish the goal of preserving memories. Consider creating a photo collage to scrapbook all your favorite times.

Take Photos of the Small Things

Hiring a professional photographer for those big moments is part of the fun of event planning, but sometimes you need to remember that those small in-between moments are just as important. We seem to remember our lives through snapshots of big days, but those days when you’re hanging around a fire with friends, or playing board games, or going out to the bar will impact you differently when you reminisce on your life, so remember to capture the small things of your daily life too.

Write a Journal

Not every memory needs to be preserved in a photograph. While it’s probably the most effective manner, sometimes people like to make up the images in their minds, which is what you’ve probably done when finding a family member’s journal or memoirs. Creating a journal of your adventures, your dreams, your goals, your fears, and everything you can think of is a cool way to preserve memories of your life for future generations. It’s also great for letting people read thoughts that can’t be captured by any camera.

Plan an Annual Event

The final way to create memories for your most important days is by creating an important day itself. An annual get-together, friends retreat, or family reunion is a good way to keep people in touch away from social media to hang out and do things together. Not many people keep in close contact after school is over, but you can create an annual event to keep those you care for the most, close.

Every second of your life is valuable, and money can’t buy time, but what you can do is protect those memories by using these helpful tips in preserving the best times of your life, and even making new memories along the way.