Top Tools You Can Use to Enhance the Emotion in Your Photos

People love to look at old photos of such happy events as weddings or baby christenings. There may have been a graduation service or a presentation of the awards ceremony. Sometimes we have to explain to people that a photo is a little misleading. Perhaps we caught someone looking somber when they were laughing mostly. The camera angle or lighting may have also impaired the true impact of the picture.

Fortunately, there are things we can learn that can enhance our photo quality. Picture manipulation software exists for people who want to improve their photos after they have been taken. Let’s now look at some practical tools we can use to maximize emotion in our pictures.

Lightroom Packs

They can be great tools for enhancing our photos. The professionals at say people are frequently searching online for mood lightroom software. It may be designed to cope with all lighting conditions, including soft or hard, backlit, or flash. Many people want to discover educational articles on how to best utilize the software or may be interested in optional add ons.

These days people are looking for speed and convenience. They are therefore drawn to such products as those featuring one-click presets, or those that can operate on a computer or smartphone.

Black And White Tools

Some photo editing software is designed to perform a wide range of roles. People can often have free trials to see how they get on with a product before taking out a subscription.

One tool within such software could be the option to transform a photo into black and white. It may be that a person’s collection of wedding photos all look very similar. Alternatively, the colors involved don’t convey the emotion of the moment. By turning a photo into black and white, it can introduce variety into your collection, and give a different effect. Perhaps the wedding service was set in a nostalgic or retro style. A black and white photo would be perfect for this.

Removal And Cropping Tools

It’s amazing how a stray arm or person in the background can mess up the effect of a photo. When such distractions are taken out using such a removal tool, the photo can become more impacting.

It’s easy to crop a photo using the special tool on a smartphone. Perhaps a picture captures one person’s expression perfectly, but someone else is blinking or yawning. By cropping the photo, they can be removed.

The Sun

Whilst the sun is not a piece of software, it can serve a wide number of purposes in photography. The midday sun can be great for capturing all the beautiful colors. If the shadows are too harsh, however, consider taking the same picture in the early morning or early evening. The golden ‘watery’ sunlight will soften the shadows and produce a very different effect.

If two people have just become engaged, it would be amazing if the sun was bursting through the clouds at the same time. A photo would then convey the sense of new hope breaking through.

Low Lighting

Perhaps a photoshoot is trying to capture a person in a melancholy mood. Rather than using bright lights, minimize them for the greatest effect.

If someone is meant to look depressed, use physical objects to create shadows. Even standing under the shade of a tree may enhance such a picture.

Movement And Action

A professional photographer may be taking pictures of a family. If there are energetic young children, why not ask everyone to jump into the air or run forwards for the picture?

If a man has a passion for drumming, they could hold a drumstick. A footballer could rotate a ball on his finger, or a ballerina could strike up a pose.


At the other end of the spectrum could be someone who can never get their child to stay still for a photograph. Perhaps a person has a puppy that is perpetually moving around, and a nightmare to photograph.

Anyone who looks at professional photos may recognize certain containment tools that have been used. Perhaps a parent wraps their arms around their child for the picture. Cats and dogs are often photographed while they are sitting in a basket or sleepy, to convey the ‘cute and cuddly’ element.

Be it by using software, photographic tips, or physical items, all such tools can help us create the right emotions in our pictures. Then both we and others can treasure the photos for many years to come.