Simple Wedding Theme Ideas From the Experts

A wedding is a heartwarming and beautiful ceremony that highlights the commitment between two people who love each other. While preparing for a wedding can be overwhelming sometimes, a wedding theme is the one thing that can help organize everything easily. The most important thing to know is what defines you as a couple and thus what designs resonate with you. All the other choices, including the centerpiece, the bouquet style, the seating arrangement, and other items on the wedding list can be determined once you settle on a theme. To help you decide on what to choose, here is a list of ideas for simple themes for your ceremony.

Garden Party

Hosting a garden-themed wedding is a great idea, especially when the weather is warm. Gardens are strikingly beautiful during the day, and they require few decorative pieces. So, you get to use this to your advantage and can even have an eco-friendly wedding. The picturesque nature will capture the hearts of your guests. It can be in a gazebo, at a park, or in a botanical garden. If you can rent a mansion with a grand garden, you can have the ceremony there as well. The main pieces of this theme are greenery, flowers, and butterflies.


Because each season has its own conditions, it is wise to choose a seasonal theme. Such themes offer a cohesive aspect to your nuptials without overdoing them. It is also easy to find wedding shades for cooler months as well as warmer ones to highlight their beauty. For instance, you can get flowers according to the season and start from there. In winter, you can apply a winter wonderland theme or a Christmas theme if you want to add to the festivities. In autumn, you get a rich color scheme that illuminates your wedding atmosphere. As for spring weddings, your choices include various flowers, birds, and gardens. The use of pastel colors in your wedding decorations can also certainly complement the theme. For couples who dream of a summer wedding, they can bask in vibrant hues and incorporate a beach-themed wedding.


Vintage weddings are elegant reincarnations of a bygone era. They are often described as timeless, classic, and graceful. Since you want your special day to be remembered, vintage style can be a great option for you. You can achieve this theme masterfully starting with your wedding outfit by mixing old styles with new ones. Show up in style with a rustic and stylish car, like an old Porsche. For the reception, antique-looking décor, containing touches of the Victorian-era to pinpoint the classic look you are looking for.


Let the sparks fly with a romantic touch in your wedding. Romantic themes typically include delicate lighting and soft hues. They also include ethereal details, such as flowers and simple, airy wedding gowns. You can bring your romantic spirit to life with chandeliers, candles, and a flowery venue. Further, you can use a letter-like wedding guest book with your names written in calligraphic styles.


Some people love to follow traditions, and you can make the best out of that. Traditional weddings have their appeal, so if you’re thinking about that, visualize your wedding guests dressed to the nines with formal black suits and gorgeous gowns. Get complete table settings with the finery of wine glasses, ornate flower arrangements, a posh setting, and a superb head table.


Let the stars commemorate your love story. Use a galaxy-themed wedding to join both your spirits in a unique way. This can be reflected in a constellation-inspired wedding cake, tables, and lights. Adorn your tables with blue indigo to create your own starry night. On the other hand, Milky Way patterns or moonlit dance floors can greatly complement the theme. Glittery linens on your guest tables can also make them pop with glam and add to the overall futuristic vibe of the wedding.


Modern weddings are always sleek and trendy. Envision minimal design, geometric shapes, and sleek lines. The theme can include décor dripping in crystals and dramatic lighting. For instance, you can use ghost chairs to complement the contemporary theme. You can also use a dramatic backdrop with candles to complement the romantic ambiance. Additionally, you can use a combination of candles and crystals as your centerpiece.

Weddings are the celebration of a lifetime, so preparing for them is a detailed process. Couples need to make many decisions, and it can be hectic to think of everything at once. This is why agreeing on a certain theme makes the process go smoothly. It all depends on what elements speak to you as a couple the most, and you can start from there.