Spread The Love! Photographer Couple Takes Dream-Like Wedding Photos

“We believe, as soon as you start dreaming together, reality begins.” says Chris and Ruth who are a husband and wife photographer couple and they firmly believe in marriage. It is their passion to capture the magic between two lovers and they are amazing at it. As they explain on their website; “We know, a wedding is more than just a ceremony. It’s a day full of emotions.. To not miss any of those moments of happiness, tension, tears of joy and love, we accompany you in twos. The combination of our different perspectives creates an emotional, beautiful report and memories in which you can immerse over and over again. And knowing that these images will have a place in your home and last for a lifetime is such an honor to us.”, they also state that; “We’re blessed to live our dream and travel the world together while capturing the best days of your lives.. To meet different people from different countries and cultures and celebrate together is such a pleasure to us. We shoot unconventional, nontraditional weddings and love when couples don’t care about meeting someone elses expectations.” They have an amazing feed on Instagram which covers loads of inspiring ideas for the ones who will get married soon or just plan to have a couples session. We handpicked our favourites ones each of which will undoubtedly give you ideas for your own photoshoot or you can consider getting in touch this talented couple to work together. Just take a look at the photos then remember to share your thoughts with us.

“We love life and the moments when we get the feeling of freedom and the possibility to enjoy it.”

“Exploring the nature is amazing and we like the ocean, sunsets, cliffs and to stand on the top of a mountain.”

“We’re obsessed with endless summers and so we chase the sun like a bunch of migratory birds to escape from the cold.”

“The music of Angus and Julia Stone gives us all the good vibez and we could listen to these guys voices all day long.”