Top Ignored Things While Finishing a Basement

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Our basements, along with our garage usually end up taking the spot for the most neglected spaces in our house. Most of us do not really bother much with our basement and usually use it as an extra space to put in storage items and so on. However, there is a lot of room for possibilities when it comes to basements. You can turn your basement into a little den, a library, a play area for kids, and just about any other kind of space you need because they are just that versatile.

Remodeling your basement can get really expensive upfront, but it can become a great investment later on. Numerous studies and real estate agents have confirmed that having a good remodeled basement ends up increasing your house’s overall market value and end up becoming a great return on investment (ROI) later on, especially if you plan on selling your house later.

If you are in the process of finishing up your basement remodeling job, you are probably super excited and want to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible, but what a lot of homeowners do not know is that the finishing stage of a basement remodeling project is really important, and it is really easy to make a few blunders here. Having a good basement remodeling company in Cincinnati Ohio working for you can help reduce the possibilities of making a number of errors, but at the same time it is also important to educate yourself on the subject as well so that you can do a final overview to make sure that everything is going right and no possible areas are being ignored.

  • A common mistake most people make when they are remodeling their basement is not giving it the same amount of attention or detail that they give to the rest of the house. Basements are known to be scarier looking compared to the rest of the house, and when you are not putting in the investment or the work to make your basement look less scary, then your basement is going to end up looking like a serial killer’s den.
  • While we are still on the subject of not putting in enough effort in your basement, lighting is important too. Having a few isolated lights placed around your basement is going to end up making it look darker, and once again creepier. It is recommended to invest in good lighting while you are finishing up your basement, and it is preferred to opt for lighting that reaches the entire room and does not create any shadows or dark spots within the interior.
  • If you notice the smell of must or moisture in your basement, then it is strongly recommended that you get it checked out. This is more of a precaution that you should take before you actually start getting any work done in your basement. Mold is your number one enemy and mold ends up growing in your basement then you have essentially wasted all of the money that you have spent on your remodeling job. So, mold inspections are very important and integral to make sure that your basement does not cause any problems soon.
  • Basements are very prone to water damage, especially flooding if you live in an area that happens to have serious monsoons or rainstorms. Waterproofing your basement while you are getting the final finishing done is absolutely integral for making sure that your basement does not end up suffering from water damage within the first year after remodeling. Make sure to opt for a good waterproofing company that will make sure that every inch of your basement is protected and waterproof.
  • More space, especially a larger ceiling will help your basement look less cramped and more welcoming. So, if you can afford it, you should get some extra digging done to increase your ceiling space. This way you will not have low ceilings and your basement will look bigger as well. In case you cannot afford to dig out your basement, you can opt for other small fixes to help make your basement look more expansive. You can consult with your contractor for more of these tips.
  • You should look into your choice of flooring when it comes to your basement. Opting for insulated panels or flooring can really help protect your basement from condensation, and also help to regulate different temperature changes throughout the year as well.

It gets really tempting to just wrap things up quickly so that you can quickly get the work sorted and have the new basement space to yourself, but this is not a process that you should rush because you can end up wasting thousands of dollars if you are not careful with how you wrap up your basement.

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