Tips to Find Original Gifts for Friends

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or wedding party, sometimes finding an original gift for a friend can be difficult. Of course, you want your friend to like the gift you give them, and you also want them to know that you put a lot of thought into it. But it is pretty hard to be original nowadays because it seems like no matter what you do, someone has already created the item you are thinking of giving as a gift.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to find an original gift for friends.

1)  Make a List

Making a list of your friend’s hobbies and interests can be extremely helpful. When you make a list, it helps you to discover original gifts that they would like to receive. A great way to take this a step further is to write all their interest and hobbies on one side of the piece of paper, and then on the other side of the paper, you can brainstorm original gifts for each hobby or interest that they have. For example, if they love basketball, you can brainstorm original gift ideas like a custom hat or t-shirt using T-shirt printing. A custom t-shirt is an original gift that bring their hobby or interest to life on a piece of personalized clothing. For example, you can add a picture of Lebron James onto the t-shirt with a quote that he has said and print the design onto the t-shirt. They are sure to love it.

2)  Create or Buy the Gift

Next on the list is the creation or buying part of the gift. Now that you have brainstormed ideas about what they would like, you need to find something original. A great way to do that is by going to custom-made stores online. A custom shop can make whatever item you envision come to life. Plus, there is no waiting in lines at the store because it is delivered straight to your door. Good places to start are online stores like Etsy or Printful. Etsy has crafty individuals and can pretty much make anything you want, and Printful helps you create custom-made items like hats, mugs, and even socks. If you wish, you can brave the mall and find a custom store there, but online is much easier.

3)  Don’t Go Overboard

This step is more of a bonus. We have all heard the saying less is more, well, for an original gift, that is the case. When you create or buy something original, you want to ensure that the message comes across clearly. So, if you are making a custom t-shirt or a personalized purse, for example, you will want to keep it simple. Since your gift is original, your friend is bound to love it and know that you put a lot of thought into creating it.

Creating an original gift can be easier than you think; just take it step-by-step, and you will create something perfect.