Are Dog People and Cat People Really Different?

When you want to get to know someone better, one of the questions you might ask them is whether they are a dog person or a cat person. That’s because many people believe that there are several differences between those types of people, even though there are a lot of individuals who love both types of pets equally and even share their home with both dogs and cats.

Are there really differences between cat people and dog people, or is that a myth? Continue reading to check out some information on this topic.

Dog Owners Seem to Prefer Warmer Weather

According to Nuwber, there are some slight differences between cat people and dog people. For instance, when it comes to where they prefer to live, it seems that dog owners might prefer living in the southern part of the United States, in areas where the weather is typically warmer or filled with more days of sunshine. This might be because dogs need to get outside every day to go to the bathroom, play, and get plenty of exercise, while cats can be content staying indoors. So, while Washington state is an area where you may find more cat owners, Texas may have more dog owners instead.

Differences in Hobbies

In addition to differences in where they might prefer to live, there might also be differences between cat owners and dog owners when it comes to the hobbies that they prefer most. Again, because dogs need to go outside, dog owners might be the types that like spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, and they might also be more interested in sports, such as golf, compared to cat owners, who might prefer creative hobbies instead, such as cooking and decorating. Cat owners might also be more interested in traveling as a hobby, and they might also enjoy spending time reading. But this doesn’t mean that cat owners and dog owners are always different, as they both seem to have an interest in taking photos.

Some Personality Differences

In addition to the preferences discussed above, there might also be some interesting differences in personality in cat people vs. dog people. For example, because dog owners need to keep their dogs physically active outside, they tend to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, while cat owners may be more interested in things that you can do inside the home, such as baking. Also, as discussed above, cat owners might be more creative, as well as more open to experiencing new things, when compared to dog owners who may prefer having a more structured day-to-day life. And, while dog owners might not mind duties and rules, cat owners might be considered a little more unconventional. And, as you probably guessed, dog owners may be more extroverted when compared to cat people, who might not be as interested in social events with others.

Despite the Minor Differences, Cat and Dog Owners Are Simila

Sure, there might be some differences, generally speaking, between dog owners and cat owners, but the truth is that everyone is a unique individual. This means that you’re likely to come across a cat person who is extroverted or a dog person who prefers to stay in and pursue creative hobbies. No matter what, the most important thing is that these people love their pets and take great care of them.