Children Effortlessly Performing Impossible Dance Moves

New York Times best-selling author, Jordan Matter is a known also as a dance photographer. In his latest projects, he captures dancers all around the world in their most astounding dance positions. He calls upon all dancers in the world willing to share their fascinating life stories and pictures of them performing their moves, so he could travel to where they live and make them a part of this great passion project. His earlier works are called ‘Dancers Among Us,’ and ‘Dancers After Dark,’ and now he is in a search for youngest of dancers to celebrate childhood moments, joy, wonder, excitement, fear, and heartbreaks through this ‘Tiny Dancers Among Us’ photo session. You can share your story and try to be a part of this beautiful creation on

By New York Times best-selling author and dance photographer Jordan Matter.

This project is his way of celebrating the childhood moments.

He calls upon the most special youngsters  with unique life stories,

And incredible dancing abilities all around the world.

Travels to their cities and uses entire world as his photo studio.

He’s already finished projects ‘Dancers Among Us,’ and ‘Dancers After Dark’.

And now this beautiful creation is called ‘Tiny Dancers Among Us’.

And anyone could be a part of this project by sharing their photos and life stories on his website.

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