The 3 Watches You Need to Own Once in Your Life

Owning a watch is a very different experience from just any old piece of clothing. Shoes, tops, and hats can come in and out of favor, but more often than not, the watch we wear lasts us many, many years. As something that we strap to our wrist practically every day, it better be an item we’re 100% happy with and enjoy wearing without question. However, the problem is that there are so many wristwatch styles to choose from! We’re here to show you which timepieces you need to have at least once in your life.

Cheap & Cheerful

When it comes to cheap, this doesn’t also need to mean crappy. Affordable watches can be stylish and cool just like any others, and if you’ve seen the styles from well-known brands like Swatch or Casio, then you’ll know what we mean. Cheap and cheerful watches can be full of character and are simply fun accessories to own. Sure, they might not go with every outfit in your closet, but for the times when you’re dressing down and want something light and exciting to go with it, then choose a Swatch watch and you’ll see the compliments roll in.


Smartwatches are the future of watches, that’s for sure. The Apple Watch, in particular, truly revolutionized what digital watches could be and made them stylish, affordable, and practical. From your wrist, you can check your heart rate, answer a text message, track your steps, listen to music, and even play a fun game. The great thing about these watches is that they can simply be recharged and are always available to be upgraded when the right moment comes. Fashion and technology have never been combined better than with a smartwatch.


There are times to embrace new tech and there are times to go for something with a low price tag. Then, there are other moments when you need to splash out and choose a watch with a bit of history and a lot of craftsmanship poured into it. Switzerland is known worldwide for its dedication to the art of watchmaking, and it really shows. These watches are impeccably made and have a beauty that is hard to replicate, even on a smartwatch. Most people know companies like Rolex or Omega, but brands such as Oris have likewise been producing gorgeous watches for over a century and certainly know what makes a good accessory for men and women. The watches are often cheaper on Chrono24, so you don’t always have to pay eye-wateringly high prices for luxury goods. This is definitely an item you’ll bring out for special occasions, but will make you feel like a million dollars.

Of course, your choice of watch need not be limited to those three types of styles, but in the end, a watch is about taking your current outfit to a new level, while being a useful and pretty little accessory.

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