5 Genius Ideas to Design Your Living Room

Who doesn’t love to show off the beauty of their home? There is no doubting the fact your home can speak volumes on your behalf. It is the sheer depiction of your style and personality. If you want to make an instant impression on someone, invite them to your home and let them experience the joy that your home has to offer.
One very important part of your home is the living room. It is where you invite your guests to sit and chat. Living rooms have immense significance. In the morning it can help in rejuvenating the soul by becoming a place to perform yoga and in the evening, it can be a relaxing space for you after a long and hectic day. It is true that not everyone can afford to have the most extravagant living room but with little tips and tricks, you can make it look wonderful.

Let the Sunlight In
Yes! Sunlight makes a huge difference in the appearance of your living room. Natural light can prove to be extremely therapeutic in any interior. It can help in the revitalization of your personality. Sunlight can be an extraordinary source of peace and relaxation. Anyone who has huge windows in their living area is extremely lucky. In case, you’re in the initial stages of building a house, then you must consider building huge windows for your living area. It can really make drastic effects in the design of the entire room. If you are already lucky to have huge windows in your living room, then get rid of those heavy drapes and opt for long sheer curtains so that the natural light can make it into your living room. Not only it will make your living room brighter and vibrant, but it will also benefit your health in numerous ways.

Go, White,
It may sound scary at first, but trust me on this one. White is a miracle color. Not only will it brighten your living room, but it will also make it look extra luxurious. White can do miracles if used in the right way. You can either go all white or mix in some hues of bold colors just to give some life to the room. If you are not into bold colors then maybe try mixing in some neutral tones to compliment the white. You can also go completely white if you are confident about your designing skills. Incorporate some crazy shapes and unique textures to make your living room perfect for a place to chill. However, you should avoid going completely white if you have a lot of pets or children at home.

Experiment with the Ceiling
If you really are someone who loves the attention or who loves being unique, then this tip is perfect for you. One great way of getting the attention of your guests more towards the beauty of your home is to make the ceiling a bit different. Let’s accept that regular plain ceilings are just boring. The best way to add life to your living room is by painting the ceiling a different color that matches the overall theme of your living room. You can also use a wallpaper on the ceiling if you are not into painting the ceiling. A bright and different ceiling will immediately draw all the eyes upward. It will also give a different and unique look to your living room.

Keep the Decor to Minimum
We know how much you love to show off those expensive crystal ornaments, but their regular cleaning can become a headache for you. Plus, you don’t want to make your living room look tacky by overdoing the decor. Stick to the mantra “less is more”.

Bring the Art In
Nobody has ever hated art. In fact, art pieces have the ability to instantly raise the glamor of the room. So, do not hesitate in buying that art piece that you love. Bring that to your home and find the perfect place for it. If you have large empty walls in your living room, then nothing’s better than hanging a huge painting on it. Everybody will love it.

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