Ten gift ideas for teenagers this Christmas

We’ve all been there – Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ve gotten gifts for everybody apart from that one teenager. What do you get a teenager? Well, here are some easy go-to gifts for the upcoming generation.

  1. Books! Contrary to popular belief, teenagers nowadays read all the time. It doesn’t have to be a physical book, it could be an audiobook or a digital copy!
  2. These highly underrated gifts are generally good for both genders and are appreciated by most people.
  3. Slippers. Adding onto the socks, why not have a nice, comfy pair of slippers to slip into after a stressful day at school or college? It will help them separate their home life and work life and will help them relax.
  4. Gift cards. Now, this one is an obvious choice. Many companies offer these, and they’re relatively easy to get hold of. You can purchase them in-store, or go to websites such as giftsvouchers.co.uk.
  5. Portable charger. Now, another underrated gift. Many teens could do with a portable charger to go into their school and college bags; it’s also handy for long journeys they might be taking with friends.
  6. Mini portable speaker. You can get a huge variety of these, and it’ll be great for them to jam out with their friends when the parents aren’t home! It’ll help create so many memories, and they’ll be thankful for it.
  7. Now, these will be appreciated to no end. No teenager can have enough jumpers – they’re a source of comfort, and they’re what teenagers thrive in. They’re warm and soft too and will last them many years.
  8. A metal water bottle. Now this one is a bit boring, but thinking from a practical standpoint, it’ll be liked. Many youths are enthusiastic about helping the environment. In fact, it’s rare to meet a youngster who isn’t. This gift will be loved, and even if they already have one, a spare’s a spare, right?
  9. We’re constantly telling our teenagers to get off their phones – but as a teenager, music can be far more enjoyable than many social media platforms. It can be calming and reduced stress levels. They’ll love these, and even if they do have a fancy pair of headphones, they can always keep them as a back-up.
  10. A mini succulent. Succulent plants require very little attention, and still pretty up the place well. Anything from a money plant to a cactus can look cute and brighten up a teenager’s room, and give them something else to think about other than school.

So, there are 10 gift ideas for you that are both nice and easy to obtain for those of us who really have no idea what to get a teenager this Christmas. As teenagers are transitioning to adulthood, it can be hard to pitch presents at the right level. And sometimes, adults feel apprehensive about buying that teen an uncool give. These gifts are fun, and can be personalised, and can help keep them keep going without distracting from what’s really important.