How to Find the Best Cairns Photographer for a Professional Headshot


The Australian city of Cairns in the northeast part of Queensland has all it takes to create picturesque moments for your personal and professional lives. Its population is relatively modest at 165,525 (June ’18) for an area measuring 1687 sq. km., providing many locations for photoshoots with low disturbance, especially if you want an on-location corporate headshot.

Even if you don’t have a companion and a camera to get it done, you needn’t worry. A professional Cairns photographer is just a call away.

Headhunting Right For the Perfect Headshots

Headshots, meant to bring out the best in you, need a professional touch to accomplish it. A photographer specializing in headshots is who you want to hire. Gaining some background information before you select them will help to get your headshots done right.

Study Their Portfolio and Style

Different situations require different styles of photography. If you need a headshot for professional purposes, your photographer must be aware of the specifics required by it.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the tools and equipment they use. Whether you need a photoshoot in your office at Cairns CBD, Northern Beaches, or Whitfield, the photographer should be able to meet the deadlines and have the proper equipment.

Please take a look at the images posted by them on any platform. Social media sites are a great place to start. Many also have their websites showcasing their work.

With more than 14,155 businesses competing to gain their foothold in the local markets, you need to make the best impressions to lure more customers and clients into your business. This means you need to have a standout headshot. The photographer must understand the style you’re looking for and make sure to capture an impactful image for your resume.

Check the Level of Experience and Expertise

An experienced commercial photographer with years of experience in capturing the best headshots and branding photos should be your safest choice. They must capture your entire personality in every shot, be it for work outside or inside an office building.

In an upcoming business destination like Cairns, finding more clients may sometimes make the right first impressions. Whether you want to promote your personal brand on social media channels, local events like Governance and Economics Committee, you need amazing head shots on all the digital and physical marketing collateral. The photographer must get to know you well to get the most appropriate shot for the right platform and purpose.

They should make you feel comfortable and good about yourself while shooting and have you enjoy the overall experience.

Ask About the Extras

Ask your potential Cairns photographer about other services they might have on offer. Many provide on-location shoots complete with all of the equipment and personnel required, like makeup artists, set designers, costume providers, etc. They might provide transportation and catering too, giving you the flexibility to go to any location you desire.

If you aren’t sure what to wear for the shoot, you can discuss your options with the photographer to iron out any creases in your looks and get the perfect headshot that will land you the job or business opportunity you want.

Videography might also be on offer; a short video covering the best of you will add to the wonderful collection of images.

Retouching can be a touchy subject, so you must mention your expectations about it to them if they offer it as well. Discuss your expectations in detail and specify what you are looking for in each of the services.

Settle On Costs

Costs will vary significantly based on the photographer’s experience, extra services, duration, location, equipment used, number of shots required, etc.

Bare minimum personal headshot photoshoot costs come around A$ 99. Full-on services with all bells and whistles can cross A$ 1000. This increases with duration, individual rates of the photographer, and extra personnel and equipment.

Normally, the cost is what deters many from choosing quality photographers. Creative workers can capture great headshots of yours at reasonable costs, though.

Since you’re going to cherish these images for a long time, spending a little extra should be seen as an investment.

Many are open to negotiating their quotes if you can communicate with them well. They might give a discount or throw-in a freebie or two if possible. Again, communication is the key. Don’t be afraid to refuse an offer you feel is unreasonable.

Cairns welcome people with open arms to have the time of their lives there. A Cairns photographer will be your best partner in capturing you in those moments in the best way.