Award-winning Cake Designer Creates Elegant and Unique Wedding Cakes

Zoë Clark is an award-winning cake designer, author and teacher based in Queensland, Australia. Her love and interest for food and design was evident from her early childhood and as a child she spent much of her time baking and decorating cakes with her mum, and working on all kinds of exciting art and craft projects. She studied foreign languages at university but she built her career on patisserie which was more creative. She enrolled in cookery and patisserie classes while working at some of Australia’s most illustrious restaurants. She spent her first year learning the basics of cake decorating, taking classes and working in some of London’s best bakeries. Soon after, she set up her own business from home, and was recognised as a leading cake artist. She is best-known for herunique and elegant style and her cakes frequently feature in international sugarcraft and bridal titles. Her main inspiration comes from fashion and beautiful fabrics with different textures and finishes. Besides designing cakes, Zoë shares her skills and knowledge through hands-on, intimate and larger group classes. Together with her family, she is in search of a new way of life and the next cake adventure. She owes her success to hard work, determination and a drive to produce beautiful and innovative designs. Zoë hopes to continue inspiring and motivating through her passion for edible art. Here you can browse some of her best cake designs.