Creative Artist Turns Her Ideas About Women And Nature Into Embroidery

Tatiana Castillo is a Colombian textile artist. She works mainly with embroidery and she has been exploring the traditional embroidery techniques, plastic technique and folk art from Latin America. She also studied about different types of embroidery in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. She brings all of the studies she has made about it to contemporary designs trying to represent the ideas about women and our connection with nature. She does embroidery since she was a child but she started making artworks in 2015. She studied art and wanted to explore different textures so she started working in paper, wood and also fabric doing embroidery in all of them. Her designs mainly includes women, plants, flowers, animals and traditional motifs. “Always from the great desire to rescue embroidery as an enabler of encounter with oneself and with others. ” she states in her blog, adding that; “I have also developed the design of haberdashery pieces looking for a sober and elegant style using wood as a raw material. With this base I continue to create the other part of CA that proposes an online haberdashery with kits to carry out workshops, unique products and national developments.” Her blended studies and unique perspective for reflecting thoughts through embroidery result in such impressive pieces of art. Below you can see just some of Tatiana’s amazing embroidery designs, you can follow her Instagram for more.