Getting A New Dog? Here Are The Perfect Breeds You Should Take A Look At

Did you just make up your mind to become a dog owner? You’re starting such an interesting journey. Dogs are good pets that can keep you company and cheer you up when your moods are low. You, therefore, need to get it right and this means you must get a perfect breed. Getting a new dog: here are the perfect breeds you should take a look at:

The Retrievers

Retrievers are the most common dog breed in the united kingdom and they are known for their versatility. There are a number of dogs under this broad category. You can go for a labrador retriever if you want a good guide dog, a working gundog, a therapy dog, or even a family pet. These dogs are kind, happy, and naturally love pleasing their owners. If you choose to buy a golden retriever, you can visit to find a plethora of info on these little cuties. You can also look up information on the buyer guides to know how to select a golden retriever and to understand what products you need to acquire to make it easy and enjoyable for you to treat your dog accordingly. Such buying guides can have information on dog grooming kits and other relevant accessories you might require. Consider retrievers if you have an outdoor space and if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Welsh Corgi

This is a  vulnerable native breed, which if you are not keen enough, you can mistake with the Pembroke Corgi.  Corgis are intelligent dogs that are suitable for people who live in small houses but feel they need a cool little family pet. Corgis have short legs, but they are still very alert and active and can be your good friend if you enjoy taking daily walks. These dogs are suitable for up-country setups and town setups too.

The Yorkshire Terrier

This dog breed has its origin in Yorkshire no wonder the name. They were in the past used for hunting and as perfect friends for people who love outdoor activities like cotton milling and mining. They are small in size and have a high level of intelligence that you shall surely love. If you live in an urban flat or a small apartment in the city, then this dog breed is a perfect fit for your environment. They love regular walks although they can also enjoy relaxing on some cozy leather sofa. If you want a four-legged pet to keep you company as you tap on your keyboard keys, then opt for this breed.

A Miniature Poodle

This is such a beautiful dog if you are going for looks. It has floppy ears and such a happy expression that can cheer you up anytime you feel like frowning and you realize it’s next to your feet. These dogs come in different sizes; miniature, standard, and toy sized. The breed has its origin in Germany. Poodles are very clever dogs and have a glamorous curly coat that sheds minimally. These dogs also have a balanced nature and their high levels of intelligence make it easy to train them. You can make them happy if you spend some one-hour exercising with them. If you are a city dweller, a poodle is perfect for you.

A Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog enjoys basking in the sun. It is a good-natured breed that is loyal and very intelligent. They were in the past known for work but if you want a dog that can be a good friend to your family, and one that is large in size and highly devoted, then get yourself this dog. Don’t use their large size to overwork them as they are good enough with average amounts of exercise. This dog enjoys exploring your outdoor garden and space.

The Italian Greyhound

If your marks for a dog go to speed, then this is your breed. These dogs are small in size but they are very seedy. They have a short coat and an affectionate nature that you need when you’ve had such a long day full of frustration. They are quite delicate and love some intense care as compared to long hours of exercise. They can be very loyal and have a reasonable level of intelligence.

A Papillon

This dog is commonly known as a butterfly dog. It is small in size and enjoys some moderate levels of exercise. They can be a sweet companion to you if you live in an apartment or a small house in the city. Its ears are alert and reasonably feathered. A papillon is very friendly and always eager to learn.

There are so many dog breeds to choose from depending on what reasons you want your dog for. Your environmental conditions can also influence the breed of dog you choose. If you live in a squeezed environment, small-sized dogs like papillons and corgis can be perfect for you. If you love athletics, the Italian greyhound can challenge your speed. A Bernese mountain dog is a perfect dog if you love outdoor activities. All these breeds above are perfect so choose one based on the size you can accommodate and the reasons for which you want a dog.