Talented Baker Creates Extremely Cute Macaron Designs

Southern California based Katerina started baking 2 years ago after receiving a Kitchenaid mixer as a Christmas present from her husband. She had already been into cooking but she had never baked before and never thought she would. “I took a basic macaron class at Sur La Table and that’s how I got started. I specialized in cute characters macarons of all sorts ranging from Disney’s characters to Japanese’s animation and everything random in between. I’m forever young at heart.” she tells the rest of her story in our online interview. She works full-time in the morgage industry and takes care of her mum who has blood cancer, so she regards baking as an escape from reality and a way to get destressed. Since she only bakes as a hobby, she often gives away her macarons to friends with kids. She shares her beautiful macaron designs on her Instagram feed and also uploads some tutorials from time to time. If you are interested in such bakery art, you can ask for the templates of macaron shapes from her as she generously shares the copies for free. Wanna see her macaron art now? Just scroll down and remember to check her account for more cuteness. She’s such an inspiration!