Beautifully Designed Cakes In Minimalist Style by Yuliya Ilkevich

Saratov, Russia based Yuliya Ilkevich is the name behind these gorgeous cakes. She is an accountant, but she has always been passionate about baking and designing cakes. Her story as a creative baker started when her daughter became ill and the doctor adviced her not to eat any sweets from shop as it was not good for her. So she began to bake cookies, biscuits and ugly crooked cakes for her. “I have seen cakes from instagram and I wonder- how did they do it so beautiful. Then I took master classes delivered by famous pastry chiefs, which helped me a lot to improve my skills.” she told us in our online interview, adding that; “My inspiration is anywhere: nature, books, my kids, my family, sometimes I see works of other cake designers and I think- it’s amazing! Then I think that I should make the same cake!” She loves baking mousse cakes and designing them mostly in minimalist style. You can see a woman silhouette, couples, Christmas tree drawn in fine line. She also writes messages on cakes on request and she is extremely fond of designing love declaration cakes with a few words. When we asked her about her future plans, she told us that she wanted to develop her little business and expand her knowledge about bakery and design and challenge her skills by trying new things. If you love the saying “Less is more”, you’ll surely fall in love with her cake designs. Here we showcase just some of them. You can check out her Instagram account for more.