Talented Artist Creates Extremely Beautiful Cake Designs

Award winning cake designer and artist Ekaterina is based in Brisbane, Australia. She is famous for her bee hive honey cake, edible wafer paper flowers and “cake matching dress” series. She tells her story as follows; “I gave up a successful corporate career to fulfil my cake designing dream 2 years ago. And when I was unsure on my future progression a good friend told me we were put here to create, to inspire and to create meaning differences to others lives and that my cakes are the impact and injection of love others need in their lives.” and adds; “I want to be surrounded by beauty and give back all the beauty and positive emotions I can to the World. I also discovered that happiness is not to do what you want, but to always want what you do. ​I now have a job that is aligned to me and my values. I live a dream.” She not only creates such wonderful cakes but also organizes online courses for anyone interested in cake art. If you are one of them, you can join in the online courses she provides and learn how to work with couverture chocolate, apply “no marks” gold colour and velvet texture, signature buttercream techniques, how to make edible wafer paper flowers and many more. Boy or girl? She creates extremely unique gender reveal cakes. We loved the one with couverture chocolate spheres and baby deers in natural colors. Here you can browse some of her fantastic cake art designs. Enjoy!