How to Easily Watch Art Lessons for Children Online

Schools are now opening up, and students are now starting to learn in different ways worldwide. Some children are back in their schoolyards; however, some started their modular and virtual classes. Although everything is still educational, children are missing their old extracurricular activities like art lessons. To help parents handle this dilemma, we compiled these three ways to access art lessons online easily. While this may not be the same as the one in school, this is a perfect replacement for kids to get creative again.

Continue reading for some of the fun-filled ways to help your children’s creative juice flowing again.

Watch on Online Video Sharing Platform

There are hundreds and thousands of art lessons you can acquire from online video sharing platforms. Children can watch and experiment to their heart’s content through this. You just have to search and discover the limitless source of concepts, ideas, and procedures. You will find a range of exciting videos all around the internet. They act as a virtual library that helps you access everything that can help you with e-learning. Some of the most famous video-sharing platforms you can check out are;

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  • Twitch
  • IGTv and Facebook Watch.

At one click of your finger, you can access everything on the world wide web.

Subscribe to Free Online Courses and Blogs

There are plenty of websites and blogs that offer free exercises, quizzes, and tests, as well as instructional videos of art lessons for children. You can find different art classes for children of a variety of ages and specialties. They are various simple craft projects and videos of all sorts of cute things to draw and paint. Children can do them using different mediums that kids will absolutely love. Online Courses and blogs cover anything from simple art crafts, beginner drawing to advanced paintings. There are plenty of courses online, so many children could find anything they want to create.

Enroll with an Exclusive Instructor or Online Art School

If you want someone that can focus on helping your child personally every step of the way, then an exclusive instructor or an actual art school online will be the right fit for you. Most one-on-one classes aren’t for free, but it is certainly beneficial for you and your kid. This kind of service provides tutorial services either via PDF form, online videos, or a Zoom call with an instructor. You don’t have to worry about instructing or guiding your kid as they will provide outlines and worksheets that will be more educational. The bonus point is they give trial classes for everyone, this can help you ensure that you are getting the right art lesson for your kid.


Digital learning may be frowned upon by some; however, it can help parents and kids as long as parents help their children to find the right balance. Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy creating and exploring art with this blended learning method. Art lessons online will open up every bit of possibilities for discussion and learning.