Fantastic Cake Art Designs by Tatiana Teplova

Russia based Tatiana Teplova bakes and decorates ridiculously imaginative cakes for both kids and adults. She took this as a hobby five years ago and there were actually no cake recipes in Russian at that time, no master classes and webinars were conducted, either. She had never thought bakery as a full time job, and still doesn’t regard it as a job but somthing she is in love with. She says “In an ideal dessert, everything is important: from the best ingredients playing a symphony for your receptors to beautiful tableware. It would seem that chocolate fondant is the simplest of desserts. It is served in almost all places along with Caesar salad. Poured syrup, stuck a leaf of mint – a masterpiece! However, in this simplicity lies a boundless field for creativity.” She also states on her Instagram; “Every new cake is an invention. I have a rule: the result should always be brilliant. Textures and combinations of tastes – the most suitable for each other, design – in the bull’s eye. There was a lot of orders, the apartment turned into a warehouse of inventory, I bought in bulk ingredients from “secret” suppliers, the forms for cakes were driven by friends from abroad. My 5-meter kitchen turned into a pastry shop. I had 3 freezers for cakes and one fridge, so my family ate at the cafe …That was only 5 years ago!”. Now, she is not only a professional pastry chef but also an International masterclasses tutor. Take a look at her amazing cakes each of which looks like a piece of edible art.

“Chocolate-cherry mousse cake is decorated with caramel, waffle and chocolate decoration. Interestingly, the tail was eaten by the daddy kids. Apparently, in search of the top of the mermaid.”

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