Talented Artist Complements Realistic Portraits with Mandala

Born in the UK and raised in Sydney, Iliana Rose has always been fond of everything related to art and enjoyed challenging her creativity. She says “I’ve been in the tattoo industry for a few years and a full-time artist for 2. When I’m not working, I’m a wanderer. I love traveling and drawing inspiration from all of the places I visit.” In fact, she had never planned to become a tattoo artist, but one day, her way crossed with her husband Roy’s, who is also a talented ink artist then she totally changed her mind and started working with him. Today, she skillfully blends realistic portraits with mandala designs and creates one of a kind ink art pieces. “From such a young age, I always enjoyed drawing realistic portraits and landscapes, which is what I initially wanted my niche to be as a tattoo artist. However, as an apprentice, after doing a few mandala/geometric type designs and posting them on Instagram, I’ve been getting requests for that type of style ever since. To fulfill my true passion, I threw small realistic pieces into the mix to show a bit more range and thought it would be a good way to distinguish myself from other artists.” she says in one of her interviews. We stumbled upon her unique tattoo designs on Instagram and curated this gallery for you. Enjoy!

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