Sweet and Pretty Sugarcoated Cookie Designs by Jenna List

Based in South East Queensland, Jenna List has a sweet tooth and loves everything pretty and sugary. She is one of the luckiest ones who had the chance to turn her hobby into a business. She takes part in all kind of your celebrations with her sugarcoated cookies and other treats. In one of her interviews, she tells her story as follows; “If I’m using my hands and creating pretty things to give for people I’m happy! My family and friends spent a long time encouraging me to turn my hobby of baking into a little business (I, like a lot of you, struggle with self doubt) but eventually I listened to them… and here we are!”. She only needs butter, sugar and flour for her cookies and uses fresh flowers and different papers, materials and pretty plates for styling. Jenna makes unique designs for personalised orders solely on requests of her clients and adds her creativity for each piece. “I try to mix it up and use different techniques from piping to painting to drawing on my cookies. I’m constantly experimenting and learning new thing through trial and error.” she replies when asked about how she designs her cookies. Besides baking, she also loves travelling with her husband and exploring the world. Below, we showcase some of her sweet and pretty cookie designs which you can consider for your own celebrations or trying at home by yourself. Hope you find them as inspirational as we do.

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