Laugh, Worry, Be Amazed! Surreal Visual Art By Erik Johansson

There’s much more than it meets the eye when it comes to visual art by Sweden born Erik Johansson. Artist now based in Prague, Czech Republic, loves the fact that he controls everything from start to finish, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Such an approach leads him to perfection, the closest result to the idea born in his head, but also to a limited output of work. Erik is able to complete just 8 images per year which is still a brilliant result. His work includes the idea, a lot of photographing either outside or in a controlled environment, and finally post-production and combining different photographs to make one final. “To Erik, it’s always important with a high level of realism in his work. He wants the viewer to feel like they are part of the scene.” Erik tries to capture as much as he can with his camera. He even goes to creating props and finding different creative ways to get things done. “Understanding every step from idea and planning, photography, and post-production is very important to make everything come together seamlessly. The final image doesn’t become better than the photographs used to capture it. Just like the photographs don’t become stronger than the idea.”

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It’s Cloud Making Time

Photo credits: Erik Johansson

We always seem to be searching for something we already have

Bringing to life

Earth Waves

Just changing the drapes

Like the end of the map in the strategic video games

Full Moon Service!

Developing brain

One with a painting

God shift

Bambi on ice

The whole world inside of a bottle

It’s a moving day

If somebody sneezes on that giant rock, we’re all dead! So… why don’t we move already?

What now?!

There’s no jumping, no shaking, no nothing if you want to live.


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