24 Awesome Cookies Decorated In Summer Theme

Cookies are a must for not only for tea-times but also for all kind of parties and family gatherings. Summer makes one of the perfect themes for cookie decoration with everything it covers. From flamingos to pineapples, ships to anchors, anything related to beach and tropical fruits make the iconic symbols of this season. Sun, watermelon, ice-cream cone, popsicles and palm trees are the most popular cookie shapes for summer occasions. Using sugar coat to decorate your cookies are a fun way to pretty up these sweet and crunchy treats. They make the best centerpiece for any type of party and can also be used as delicious gifts for any cookie fan. If you are experienced in hand-decorating your cookies, you’ll only need some ideas to start the work. If you are a total dummy, then you’ll need to check out some tutorial videos before trying our photo-ideas. Now, browse our selection of awesome cookies decorated in summer theme then take out your favorite summer shape cookie cutters to make your own ones. They will surely sweeten your special days!

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