Christine McConnell Decorated Her Parent’s House for Christmas in a Stunning and Fairytale Fashion

Recently we talked about Christine McConnell and her awesome Halloween decorations, now we are also talking about this amazing artist but in a little bit different mood. Christmas is coming and Christine decided to use her magnificent skills in order to decorate her parent’s house. With the little help of her two nieces, Chloe and Keira, Christine managed to create a popular  scene from one of the most iconic fairytales of all time – Hansel and Gretel. After the decorations were set, the house of her parents literally looked like something from a dream or a fairytale. The beautiful garden and front yard made it look even more surreal. Christine somehow managed to perfectly combine all the Christmas motives with this legendary fairytale and made it look so easy. Of course, it wasn’t easy at all, but we bet it was very fun. See the process of making this masterpiece on photos below, and for more of Christine’s work visit her Instagram page.

Hansel, Gretel and the very talented witch.


Her parent’s house before Christine’s magic touch.


It was not easy at all…



…but it was so much fun!



And finally, the masterpiece is completed! Merry Christmas!


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