Wedding Dresses were too Expensive, so Abbey Decided to Create Her Own Dream Dress

What do you do when you can find a perfect wedding dress that fits your budget? Well, you make it yourself! a 22-year-old Abbey Ramirez-Bodley from Arkansas city, U.S. was in a very difficult situation so she just decided to use her own talents and crochet knowledge from her aunt to create a perfect wedding dress for herself. Abbey started to learn  about crochet when she was only 3 years old, and finally all that work paid off in the most beautiful fashion. Despite all the talent Abbey has, she needed a little bit of help so her aunt helped her to create this gorgeous dress. After 8 months of hard work, on October 17th Abby married her husband wearing that dream dress she made with her aunt. The whole wedding dress cost her just $70, but she had to wear something underneath, so she bought a $100 green dress. And the combination was perfect.  “Making something with your own hands out of love is very special on the most important day of your life”, says Abbey. We all hope that more people will follow her example, because the brand is not important, the cost of the dress is not important. A wedding is one of the most beautiful days in everybody’s life, and it shouldn’t be ruined by a small budget. Make your own dream wedding, because, all you really need is love.

A perfect dress for a perfect day.


It took 8 months of hard work…


But it was worth it!


“Thanks aunt for teaching me how to crochet”


Long live the happy couple!

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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