Russian Artist Uses Paper in Order to Create Stunning Baroque Wigs

You may think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to creating art out of paper, but wait until you see this.  Asya Kozina is a talented artist from Russia that creates Baroque styled wigs out of paper. These are not just regular wigs that you see every day, Asya creates amazingly detailed historical wigs. Asya says that she was always fascinated by that era in human history, especially when it comes to art and fashion. She enjoys creating these wigs out of paper, and although they may not seem practical, they are extremely beautiful, but that’s the whole point, they should be an accessory. If you like Asya’s work, you can visit her Facebook profile and get more information on how she creates such stunning wigs.

Extraordinary details.



Asya creates completely authentical wigs.



Asya was always fascinated by historical wigs of the Baroque era.



Exceptional craftsmanship.



The Baroque family.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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