Ervin Made a Clever Series of Photos That Include Famous Cartoon Characters

Cartoons are a big part of everyone’s life and the case is no different with a talented artist named Ervin Boer. Ervin is an illustrator who decided to get creative and fill his office work with some iconic cartoon characters. So, he made an interesting series of photographs and filled them with amusing illustrations of two famous cartoon characters – Jerry and Nibbles. He and his imaginary friends are always finding themselves in  all sorts of troubles. Ervin also interacts with his illustrated friends in the most charming fashion. If you like the images we have selected, you can always visit Ervin’s Facebook profile in order to enjoy more of his whimsical work.

“Got you now, Nibbles!”



Jerry knows how to deal with smell.



“Play with me! I damand that you play with me!”



Jerry is about to win.



“Do you have a light?”

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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