Standing out in a Sea of Trendy People

To look unique-that’s what everyone aspires for, maybe to affirm that each of us is special. Unfortunately, it is also difficult because fashion trends tend to make everyone look the same. Maybe for once, you could put down the magazine and think through a few things first.

Finding Your Style

Looking for your style is not as simple as going through fashion magazines and deciding on a look. Your style is a reflection of you. What makes you comfortable? What makes you confident?

Sometimes we put too much stock on how something looks on us. For example, some women may put on high stilettos because these make their legs longer. But walking on them, they feel confined, even in pain. So instead of coming off as confident because they look beautiful, their poise and actions are stunted, controlled just because of their uncomfortable shoes.

It is not saying that women should not go through the sacrifice of wearing heels because they’re painful. It is saying that if you are not comfortable with them, don’t, but if walking in them is a breeze and makes you feel ready to conquer the world, please do so.

It goes the same for all your clothing and accessories. More than a handful of men have gone out on the streets self-consciously staring at their reflections on display windows checking out their skin-tight jeans. They have to convince themselves that they look good in it because they are not comfortable wearing it. Women have similarly fussed and held down their clothes the entire day when the skater skirts became popular. It looks good on them, but they don’t feel the carefree vibe it is associated with.

Get the Right Fit

Still, on the topic of being comfortable and confident, the best tailors are those who can make their clients feel these in the clothes they made. Whether a designer would go for a sexy or extravagant look, it’s the tailors who are careful to make sure that the measurements are correct, the material drapes well, and assure the client that they are covered properly.

But not all can afford to have their clothes tailor-made. What is important then is to get the right size for you. If you sacrifice even just one inch smaller or bigger just because it was the last size for that dress you’ve always wanted, it is bound to affect how you would feel in it.

Coloring your wardrobe

Just because Classic Blue was identified as the color of 2020, you got all your dresses in this color even if the color makes your skin look sallow. That would be terrible. Pretty much like what the rest of the sections here are saying, you have to find your color.

What matches your skin tone? Better yet, what makes you feel comfortable? The matching of color to your skin tone varies across different cultures. For some cultures, you need a color that would make your skin appear lighter. In other cultures, making your skin color appear more prominent is better. In some cultures still, wearing colors can be vulgar. So again, instead of looking at the color matching your skin, feel the color.

If you feel sexy in green, no one is telling you to wear red instead. If you feel energized in yellow and want to wear the color to a business meeting, no one should convince you to wear the standard black suit.


Even the plainest clothes can be made interesting by the right accessories. Accessories can be used to define your uniqueness when having to sport mass-produced clothes. A plain shirt, for example, can be paired with a statement necklace that carries with it some stories of distant lands.

Similarly, simple accessories can balance extravagant clothes. Sometimes you want to dress extra but look casual, so, for example, you can go for a tailored suit and accessorize it with a customized silicone bracelet.

Although accessories also follow some trends-like the big headbands one time and layering necklaces another fashion season-the good news is that there are many accessory designs from all over the world that are readily accessible to eager buyers. You can even have several accessories to change your look using the same shirts, dresses, and jeans.

These are just a few points on how to make yourself look unique. No matter the current fashion trends, you are encouraged to look to yourself in finding the right clothes. After all, your style is what makes you truly unique.