Designer Creates Gorgeous Hand-Painted Jackets for Your Special Occasions

Mima is the name behind these gorgeous hand-painted jackets. She is currently based in Manchester, The UK and has been painting jackets for about 5 years. She used to work as a print and graphic designer for fashion for various suppliers and international brands but quitted her job nearly a year and a half ago and became self-employed. How did her story as a jacket designer begin? She replies as follows; “I painted my first jacket as a birthday present for my sister about five years ago. Around the same time I also painted another jacket for a lovely friend getting married in Australia as a gift because I couldn’t make the wedding. After that, friends told me to make an Instagram to show more images, and slowly and organically the account grew with more followers.I am making a career out of something I love doing. I can only hope that people keep loving the jackets and I can carry on, because I am having too much fun to stop!!”. It is not easy to start your own business anyway and she has gone through days but managed to survive thank to her extremely understanding clients. “The past few months have been an absolute RIDE!! I’ve cried alot, had multiple tantrums and I’ve eaten my bodyweight in snacks. But the thing that has got me through this crazy time is working with the most amazing clients who have been SO so kind and supportive despite going through their own wild rollercoaster. I’m so excited and grateful for all the beautiful jackets I have painted up to this point and still have to paint.” she states on her Instagram. With their one of a kind designs, Mima’s custom made jackets are enough to make a statement on your wedding day or other special occasions. Just scroll down and see some of her brilliant leather and denim jackets.