Yankee Kicks and Johnnys Kicks: A Winning Combination

Up and coming reputable sneaker inside Yaniv Bar aka Yankee Kicks and custom sneaker designer John Trottier aka Johnnys Kicks may be the best sneakerhead showcase of the year.

Yankeekicks Closet JohnnysKicks Nike Chunky Sacai Waffle


Those in the know understand the level of exclusivity that comes with a Johnnys Kicks custom. And the ever growing Yankeekicks blog and Youtube showcasing early releases and his private collection, is becoming the new go-to for images and videos.

John Truttier Custom Sneakers Waffle Sacai Chunky Dunky

Recently, Yaniv managed to cop one of fifteen exclusive Ben & Jerry’s Dunk inspired Chunky Waffle Sacai. Gaining thousands of likes on Instagram only hours after posting, Johnnys Kicks responded with the comment “FAMILY” giving the cop all the more credibility. And while no one would dare resell a pair so unique, Yankeekicks reviewed the sneaker’s premium construction and fantastic design for all to see.

Yankeekicks On Feet JohnnysKicks Chunky Sacai

It’s so awesome to see big names in sneaker culture support one another to build up the community and people are definitely paying attention.

Yankeekicks Closet JohnnysKicks Nike Chunky Sacai Waffle

The images have already begun popping up on other sneaker news sites. After the images and review for the Johnnys Kicks Chunky Waffle Sacai, could the two be working together in the future? Only time will tell.

Yankeekicks Closet Johnny Trottier Nike Chunky Sacai Waffle