Splendid Watercolor Tattoo Designs by Aleksandra Katsan

Kiev, Ukraine based Aleksandra Katsan worked as a web designer, drew banners, concert posters, etc. before she entered the world of body art. She inked her first tatoo in 2011. “Since childhood I felt a true passion for drawing on the body, I understood that it was a great responsibility and honor for me that people would trust me so much to allow me to make them a tattoo.” she says in one of her interviews. She became more familiar with tattoo art when she met her future husband, Dimitry Katsan. As she tells; “He tattooed my arm, inspired me and gave a machine into my hands, he had been teaching me all the time, controlled almost every work, which helped to speed up the learning process.” She specializes in watercolor and she is very talented at drawing contemporary art pieces on her clients’ skins. “This style is not for everyone, usually my clients are creative individuals, who know what they want, and that’s what I like about this style. I like when tattoo looks like a body art, not a sticker, when there is a dynamics, a «mood» in the drawing.” says Alexandra. She prefers vibrant colours especially for her floral and animal designs. If you love watercolor style tattoos, you should get an appointment from her. Scroll down to see her fantastic art work.