French Country Cottage Design by Courtney Allison

Courtney Allison is the name behind the curtain of this impressive French country cottage style home design. She works as a freelance photographer and stylist and she is also an author. “I don’t follow the rules -I tend to follow my heart and see where it leads. I’m fueled by my family, inspired moments, ambiance and everything sprinkled with a wee bit of magic…” she states on her blog. She thinks there isn’t a a right and wrong way to design a place but the only truth is your own taste. As she explains; “I think if you walk into a room filled with things you love and it makes you happy-it is perfect.” She loves to include a chandelier to every room, even to the closet and hallway, it is like her signature. She prefers an elegance table setting with vintage china and fine stemware and using a gorgeous centerpieces in full blossom. She says; “I love gathering up the energy of inspired settings and ambiance and that magic that invites the conversations to linger a bit longer.” She started to write a blog about the 1940’s house and guest cottage that they were renovating and the seeming never to end inspirations and projects. “Starting my blog gave me a place to immerse myself in design for a bit each day while figuring out who I might want to be when I grow up.” she says. We love such influencers to meet with different tastes for home decoration and Courtney inspired us a lot with her French style. Just check out her house decoration then write us what you think using the comment box below.