Splendid Watercolor Illustrations by Fernanda Ramírez

María Fernanda Ramírez de la Torre is an architect and illustrator, and mom of 3 based in Lima, Peru.

She met watercolor 2 years ago and since then she has been creating splendid art pieces.

“Since I was a child, I really liked drawing and painting. I went everywhere with a briefcase full of paints and crayons. My family used to call me “Pinti Pinti”, and I am sure that I owe my love for art, aesthetics, design, and color to my great-grandfather Macedonio de la Torre, a renowned Peruvian painter, as I grew up surrounded by his paintings in my house and in my grandparents’.” she states on her blog.

Her story continues like this; “I grew up and art was always my partner. When I finished college, I studied architecture and pursued my career for seven years, then I became the mother of three wonderful children who inspire me every day.

One day, by chance, I came across watercolor. Curiously, I took an online course and since that day I have not stopped painting, learning and creating.

I found my passion, which fills my soul every day and I am very grateful to be able to do it.”

She is very inspired by nature and all the colors it provides. Her art is very colorful and versatile, and her illustrations can be found as applied on fabrics, stationery and accessories.

We handpicked some of her most splendid floral watercolor illustrations for your eyes only.


Make sure you check out her latest most up-to-date collection HERE, her art is just so beautiful!