Talented Artist Draws Lively Illustrations Using Acrylic Markers

Ekaterina Kipnis is an illstrator and a member of the Professional Union of Artists, and now an ambassador for POSCA & UNI Mitsubishi Pencil RU and she is currently based in Moscow, Russia. She draws with acrylic markers on paper and canvas, as she thinks they are the most versatile, vibrant and promising medium. She mostly creates patterns and posters, getting inspiration from nature and the simple things that surrounds her. “I have been drawing since childhood, and when I bought Bosch’s album with all my pocket money, my parents immediately sent me to an art school. After that there was a school of author’s design and only then I set off on a free voyage: I mastered oil myself, then acrylic and settled on mixed color graphics.” she tells her story on her blog. Then she searched for the best medium for her art and Posca acrylic markers fell into her hands. Why she prefers acrylic markers? She explains as follows; “When I was learning to draw, I always preferred covering materials: ink, gouache, tempera, oil. I change, I like to sometimes return to seemingly finished work to supplement it or even change it, I love graphics and clear lines, contrast. I no longer needed jars of water, blotting paper, pens, brushes, solvents, palettes, only me and creativity remained. And I really liked the feeling that all that I need, I can put in my pocket and go do my favorite thing in my life – to draw.” She’s got loads of vividly drawn patterns in her feed and we tried our best to pick some of our favourite ones for you. Scroll down to see them and remember to follow her account to stay tuned.