Talented Photographer Captures His Female Models In Dark Mood

Born in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 1974, talented photographer Roman Dejon captures impressive female portraits in black and white. Since he started with photography, he has been constantly striving to develop himself artistically and photographically. He seeks for the proximity to humans, their emotional expression and the raw feelings. “For me, portrait photography is more than just photographing a model. The encounter with humans is in no way inferior to the process of photography and merges over time. I don’t interpret my photography style on the technical level. I want to stand for emotion, closeness and authenticity.” He also adds; “I take the artistic freedom to photograph imperfectly. I perceive naturalness, the original and unadulterated as true beauty. For me that means artistic imperfection!” His work has been featured on NSFW Magazine Argentina, LinkLens Magazine France, Creators Magazine Canada, and many more other publications. We’ve rounded up some of his most dramatic female portraits in black and white. We’re sure you’ll find all of them impressive. Let us know about your thoughts in the comment box!