Smart Design Ideas for the Modern Living Room

At least once or a couple of times (depending on certain factors), you’ve left the house and forgot something. Perhaps you left the iron, coffee maker, bedroom lights on or the most common, left the bathroom water running. There’s no time to go back, you’re worried sick- you won’t have a home when you get back.

Now, with a smart home, worries become guarantees.

Just picture your smart phone shutting your garage door and switching off the lights. Moreover, later in the evening, using your phone again this time to turn the heating, lights, and some soothing music before you step out of the office. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Building “smart” homes is the new trend that’s seeing good old buttons replaced with control systems that can monitor your home from anywhere across the globe. Smart home technology creation is all about easing day-to-day activities. The trends making headlines include:

• Decoration-friendly appliances – home automation blending with your furniture
• Programmable thermostats – temperature control
• Wireless controls – easily turn on and off devices and appliances
• Automated locks
• Intelligent security systems

The Modern Living Room
Your living room being the face of your home and portrays your personality. You always try to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible but furniture and décor is a major block in achieving the desired aesthetics.

Furniture are items that wow your visitors. They range from small to large or metallic, wood or glass and the entertainment system. Your TV set is always a pride and you endeavor to maintain its visibility and discrete.

But, it’s a problem disguising, integrating or hiding your TV in the living room design.
Interior Designers often get headaches when it comes to incorporating the TV with the living room’s design scheme. And with the sizes increasing greatly, it spells doom for the living room with a dark-rectangular box either in the middle or in a corner. In most cases, the man wants it big to catch the game with friends, she on the other hand wants it tucked away because it’s obstructing her $300 Chinese vase. How is this issue resolved?

Paint or cover the wall with dark wall paper
Crazy, right? It’s simple and a no brainer, but chances are that she won’t like it. It
generally gives a masking effect of the TV with the wall. Isn’t that cool? Black or any dark tone is preferred in realizing this project. It could be a featured wall, painted alcove or panel set on a bigger wall. This solves the problem of the TV over imposing the living room.

Place it over the fireplace
Although many people have different opinions on the functionality and beauty aspect of this solution, the fireplace is a focal point of the living room whether you like it or not. That means, adding your TV, especially ones that’s almost the same size prevents them from contesting with each other.

Integrate it with Furniture
Disguise your TV by mounting it on a frame on your wall. While this doesn’t completely hide the screen from plain sight, it portrays and draws focus on the television as portrait. This can be implemented by using any frame but you need to get the measurements right.

Currently the trendiest way of hiding your screen, TV lifts which is growing inpopularity as the flat screen replaces the cathode ray tube. This solution seems quite space aged but it’s very real. Your lift contains a metallic frame for placing your flat screen, an actuator and a switch for regulating your actuator.

Linear actuators are the heart of the construction. The lift mechanism’s operation depends on the place concealing your display. The safest and effective way to use the lift is inside your furniture. It can suddenly appear from a cabinet, shelve or from your ceiling. The two commonly used lifts are:

• Pop up
• Drop down

Pop up or motorized TV lifts are the most popular solution used. Their implementation is simple as it only takes a few hours to set up. It’s mainly used on cabinets and shelves, pops up when required, and retracts when not in use, all by the touch of a button.

The drop down or ceiling TV lift as the name suggests slides out from a ceiling. It’s not a popular solution due to its complex set up. This solution requires loads of space above the desired area and with extra manpower for installation. Its operation can either be manual or automated by use of a remote control system. There’s no denying that watching your TV from above is downright awesome.
The use of linear actuators in solving TV in the living room dilemmas has evolved with manufacturers like providing customizable

TV lifts with actuators efficiency in the modern home setting is applaudable. It gives a chance for very member of the family from kids to the elderly access to entertainment without help.

It’s evident the design of the modern living room is changing and you need to embrace it. The main idea involved in living room décor is creating a homely, welcoming and exclusive atmosphere. Although you may have certain pieces of furniture that impress, your TV is and continues to be the focal point of your living room.

Although there are quite a number of ways to disguise your TV, the method you choose is solely up to you. The main principle being ease of integration with your design.

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