Beyond Baby’s Breath: 15 Ethereal Boho Bridal Hairstyles

One of the many advantages of the boho chic aesthetic that has captivated many a recent bride’s imagination is that it allows so many variations of hairstyles and hair accessories. If you favor delicate lace and florals over excessive sparkle or beading and your venue is more romantic country charm than chandeliers and velvet, this look is ideal. If you haven’t picked out a dress yet (or even if you have, but want to sigh wistfully with the rest of us), have a scroll through this sumptuous selection of gowns for inspiration.

Although some boho brides prefer to keep the look simple and effortless, it really comes to life when combined with a vintage look hair clip or adorned with wildflowers. From loose braids to cascading waves, here are some of our favorite modern incarnations of the bucolic bridal look.

Rustic rhapsody

How perfect are these absolutely fuss free styles? We’re picturing a barn reception twinkling with fairy lights and dancing barefoot until sunrise.

Crocheted lace ftw.

Je ne sais quoi

We all want to be that bride who masters the art of understatement and still manages to capture everyone’s attention.

Seaside simplicity

Flowers entwined in braids is a classic boho look, but the way this garland subtly reflects the floral whimsy of her dress makes this bride all the more enchanting.

Bright and beautiful

Bold, intense flowers like peonies lend themselves perfectly to the boho look.

Charleston with me

Flapper nostalgia is expected to make a big comeback as we reapproach the 20s. This look is begging for a reception with bathtub gin and a jazz band.

Double braid

These stacked braids pinned back on one side add a sense of grace to shoulder length

And daisies are a staple for boho weddings, but how much are we crushing on this creative intertwining?

Greek goddess

The golden leaves of this half wreath sitting gently at the base of the crown is both functional and evocative for late summer. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a Mediterranean vineyard setting?

Absolutely golden

Gold may normally be associated with more glitzy weddings but what about gold leaf? This is a
boho vibe if we’ve ever seen one.

Autumnal elegance

Offsetting the faintest touch mauve in this gown is the perfect reason to go red for your big day.

Winter dreams

Just because you’re planning a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to avoid boho touches. This evergreen wreath accented with white roses looks absolutely glorious with a loose updo.

And if you thought a crown and a boho wedding could never mix, just take a look at how wrong
you are.

There’s something about the earth mother look that makes the most dreamy weddings. There are so many different interpretations to the style that you can truly make it your own, whatever your hair type or the size of your budget. After musing over the possibilities, we’re sure you’re ready to goho boho!

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