Singapore: A Photographer’s Dream Holiday

It’s currently Singapore’s turn in the spotlight, with the Southeast Asian city quickly emerging as an incredibly popular and appealing tourist destination, and one of the most exciting and appealing cities on the planet. The total tourists arriving in Singapore rose by 6.2% in the last year to an impressive 18.5 million visitors to the city. And while the city has world class food and drink venues, and an extraordinary nightlife, the innovative and technologically inspired architecture makes the location a photographer’s true dream. There is an abundance of breathtaking and creative buildings and landscapes that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And so, if you’re keen to further develop your portfolio and blog, then taking a trip to Singapore is an absolute must.

Planning Your Trip

In terms of logistics, planning a trip to Singapore requires a bit of planning and preparation. Firstly, for most travelers outside of the SE region, a visa and entry clearance is required to enter the country, so making sure that you have obtained a visa is crucial for the holiday. It’s also best practise to invest in the proper insurance, so you will be covered in the event of an emergency or any unforeseen events like a cancelled flight. International services can be extremely costly, and being fully covered is the best way to be prepared for a dream holiday to Singapore.

Mapping Out Your Photos

Singapore provides an endless amount of opportunities for street photography. The city is one of the most renowned on the global stage for mixing colonial and heritage buildings with cutting edge and innovative architecture.  Start with visiting both the National Gallery and the Artscience Museum, as both are located in historic buildings, and have photogenic displays. Marina Bay Sands and the Helix Bridge are the most notorious shots that represent Singapore; visit the location in the morning as well as the night, as the views will be incredibly different. Follow the Jubilee Bridge into Singapore’s financial district for great photos of the busy and aesthetically pleasing bridge.

Meanwhile, Parkview Square contains the Gotham Building, which is an incredibly creative architectural gem. The building is 200m tall gargoyle encrusted building that resembles the style of the fictional city of Gotham from Batman, and inside the building itself are plenty of art deco murals to shoot, and a state of the art bar with a 2 floor gin tower. The Buddha Tooth Temple should certainly be included in the list of shots because of its traditional Southeast Asian vibes and culture, and the contrast of such a historic building being immersed in the heart of a contemporary Chinatown. And lastly, if looking for a bit of a nature themed angle for a photography shoot, the Gardens By The Bay have famous super sized trees that are 9-16 stories tall, and luminous lights that glow in the city’s skyline.

There are endless locations and beautiful sights in Singapore, making the destination an absolute must for any photographer. Visiting this SE Asian hub will undoubtedly inspire an incredible photography portfolio and beautiful blog.

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