African Artist Redefines Miniature Watercolor Art

We have seen many of this kind of paintings of various artists but African artist Bronwyn Royce is definitely proficient in watercolor miniature art. Her magical and colorful art pieces are as small as 2 pounds and usually framed in square, circular and triangular shapes. In order you to compare better, she places headphones, matches, and paper clip next to her paintings before photographing them. Her natural skill for using her brush for creating such an impressive art work despite her sight-disability -which is only 10% for the left eye-, makes her even more special. She admires Zen philosophy’s for its unique simplicity and minimalist approach and its principle “Less is more” which can clearly be seen in her paintings. Although Bronwyn Royce makes micro-paintings, she portrays the details skillfully such as the grass on the barren soil, the colorful sunsets floating between the mountains, the delicate textures on the cute animals, etc. She started “A painting a day” challenge on Instagram in 2018 and today she has thousands of followers who appreciate her incredible art pieces. Take a look at some of our favorite miniature watercolor paintings of her below.

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