Photographer Captures And Shares Lovely Moments of Her Daughters

Canada based Shay Cathleen is a photographer specializing in newborn & family lifestyle photography. She lives in rural Canada in an 1800’s stone home with her husband and two girls and a polar bear dog. We came upon her on Instagram where she shares her clients’ photos and personal glimpses of her everyday life. “I love being outside and exploring. I spent most of my late teens and early twenties traveling the world; this is where my passion for photography began. I saw the beauty of the world and wanted to freeze every moment in time.” she states on her blog about how she started photography. She also says that; “I try to find the beauty in everything and love challenging myself and growing every step of the way. I became a member of Clickin Moms when my 1st daughter was born in 2015 and have taken some incredible courses. Since I am a self taught photographer I take every opportunity I can get to improve my work.” In her feed, you can see lots of her daughters lovely photos, and they look pretty happy in all of them, but she captions one of them as follows; “This is cute right but man we have our moments. Don’t let Instagram fool you. Those big blue eyes get tears they turn cranky and we have fits… My images share only small moments of the day, seconds really. We are chaos we are mess we are a whole lotaaa crazy!” Below you can see just some of her lovely images which showcases the joyful moments of Shay’s pretty daughters. You can follow her on Instagram to catch up with her most recent work.