Lovely Children and Family Photography by Sujata Setia

Sujata Setia is a London, UK based, multi-award winning photographer focusing on children, newborn, pregnancy /maternity and family genres. She also works as a professor of photography at Spain’s most reputable photography institute EFTI. Her story with the camera started when she became a mother herself and realised that she loved taking pictures of her daughter, Aayat. Aayat was a year and half old when Sujata finally made the camera her permanent companion and since then, she has never looked back. Her friendly nature brings a certain warmth to what you will experience at your photoshoot. With her instinctive, vibrant, empathetic and positive manner, she understands you in a way that only a best friend would understand you during the photoshoot. As stated on her blog; “She loves to listen to the stories of your lives and then translate them into the images she clicks for you and your family. She just doesn’t give you pretty frames for your walls, she gives you lasting memories of the most cherished moments of your lives. She chronicles for life… your most beautiful smiles…” She has many cleints from different parts of the world, who travel to London just to get captured by her. “Be assured that wherever you travel from, you will get a very warm, homely welcome and chances are that some yummy Indian delicacies would be waiting for you on the table as well.” she tells on her blog. In a span of just over two years, Sujata has achieved immense international recognition in terms of awards and publishing of her works and story in Forbes, The Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Country Living Magazine amongst others. Sujata has taught and influenced works of several photographers across the world with her friendly advice, workshops and online training courses. She has now started to travel internationally for teaching and is scheduled to run workshops in Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, India and Argentina. Wanna see her lovely images now? Just scroll down and let us know about your thoughts. Don’t forget to her website for more: But Natural Photography