7 Must-Have Furniture Pieces and Accessories for Your Home Backyard

Choosing good pieces of outdoor furniture and accessories can be a challenge because most of these items should complement the architecture and decor of your home. Additionally, outdoor furniture is made from different materials, such as metal, wood, wicker, and plastic. You also need to consider the weather in your region when purchasing if you want your outdoor furniture to last a lifetime. One of the best and most durable materials is teak wood because it’s fairly resistant to outdoor weather conditions and easy to maintain. But then, you need to be especially careful if you plan to invest in good-quality and relatively expensive teak garden furniture.

Once you’ve decided you can afford to purchase outdoor furniture made from teak wood, you should decide on the pieces you need. Here are some essential furniture pieces and accessories for every patio and yard.

#1 Garden benches

The popularity of garden benches has always been high among many homeowners with adequate outdoor space. Garden benches have a rustic feel and can easily fit into all types of gardens and yards. Since teak wood is highly resilient and can withstand the elements, teak garden benches usually last longer than most options you’ll find in the market. Additionally, benches provide sitting space and can be considered accent pieces in your garden or yard design. It’s easy to make teak benches more comfortable by placing comfy outdoor cushions and upholstery on them.

#2 Chairs

A set of chairs is a necessary accessory in your patio or outdoor space design. Style is an essential factor in selecting the right type of outdoor chairs. Consider whether the chairs need to have backrests or not. You also need to consider if you want chairs with armrests. Additionally, you may consider whether you want Baroque detail or not. Regardless of the style you want, your outdoor styling should be consistent, with chairs that match your outdoor decor style while complementing your house.

Of course, there are many different outdoor chairs to choose from, including pool chairs, dining chairs, soft sun loungers, etc. Your choice will also be dictated by the function the chairs are going to serve. Chairs can also serve as a feature element. You can customize your choices with colors and cushions that stand out and contrast with the type of chair. The bottom line is that chairs are essential pieces of outdoor furniture in any form or shape.

#3 Tables

You need a table if you plan to enjoy meals on your patio or yard. Outdoor tables in any climatic region should be versatile and durable enough to withstand the elements because they will be spending a lot of time exposed to the sun, rain, and even snow. Outdoor tables should also complement your chairs as well as style patterns. Luckily, you can always find matching chairs and tables in wooden outdoor furniture sets. Alternatively, tables are also available in other materials like stone and ceramic. Ultimately, the choice you make should complement the chairs you have and the overall decor of your outdoor space.

#4 Outdoor sofas

One of the best ways to enjoy outdoor relaxation is lounging out on a sofa. Of course, you have to first make sure that you have enough space for an outdoor sofa in your outdoor areas. You should choose a sofa that’s both comfortable and fits with your selected style pattern. Since this is often a difficult trade-off to make, it’s always recommended that you buy a simple, monotonic sofa. With a simple, monotonic sofa, you can use your other furniture pieces as striking furniture pieces without compromising comfort.

#5 A portable firepit

A firepit helps to bring some ambiance and warmth to any outdoor gatherings, especially when you have evening gatherings and the night is chilly. A portable firepit is an ideal addition to your deck, patio, or yard. You can move it from your patio to your yard and just about any other spot in your outdoor areas. Plus, you can bring it along when you’re going out camping, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a campfire.

#6 Shade and umbrellas

Umbrellas can serve several purposes as pieces of outdoor furniture. You can easily move them around to provide shade from the sun or a light drizzle at all hours. While a sail shade can serve the same purpose, umbrellas are easier to remove, and you can set them up on pretty short notice. Umbrellas are also available in many colors, and you should try to match them with the color of your other outdoor furniture or cushions. Try to add a personal touch when it comes to styling by selecting your favorite colors, rather than the colors recommended in home improvement magazines. In short, let the style of your outdoor space speak about you rather than someone else.

#7 Bar console/table

When you’re hosting friends at home and drinks are involved in the festivities, it might be beneficial to have a designated area to prepare them. You always need an area to set up the mojito bar or the margarita station. Bar consoles are usually the forgotten pieces in outdoor furnishing groups, yet they are highly essential for outdoor entertaining and aesthetic pleasure. When you’re not using it, the outdoor bar console/table can serve as a potting station or a place to stage a piece of potted plants. While you’re out stocking your bar, remember to buy some serve ware that can withstand outdoor wear and tear. Acrylic glassware sets are ideal for outdoor environments because they aren’t only durable, but also good-looking and pretty affordable.

The outdoor spaces we have at home have been a real game-changer during these socially distant times. They allow people to hang out with their friends and loved ones at home in the open, while maintaining a safe distance. Products like garden benches, outdoor sofas, chairs, tables, umbrellas, bar consoles, and firepits are essential to ensure you and your guests are comfortable, while you’re all getting entertained at home.