22 Unique and Mysterious Sea Horse Tattoo Examples

Sea horse is one of the most popular figures of nautical themed tattoo designs and oceanic body art. What makes it this much attractive is the huge range of variation in style, design, colour and the meanings it represents. Very similar to mermaid tattoos, this mysterious creature can become a real piece of art when inked by talented hands. Many tattoo artists prefer combining the sea horse figure with other marine elements like coral, starfish and seashell. They sometimes portray this sea animal more like a dragon which looks exceptionally captivating. Colourful or black and white, it is mostly preferred by males as sea horse represents fatherhood for being the only animals that carry the pregnancy and are responsible for caring for the young ones before they become mature. If you are planning to get this cute sea animal as you next tattoo design but not sure about the place, size and shape of it, take a look at our handpicked collection of some of the best and most creative seahorse tattoos. There are many impressive examples one of which will surely appeal you.

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