23 Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Designs

Scandinavian living room design styles from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have some key elements they all share. They true essence lies in the balance of functionality, simplicity, and aesthetics. Even their simple designs have subtle elegance and warmness that create a homely feel. Family and guests are two very important aspects that need to be considered and that is where the functionality steps in. Design tends to make enough space for children and family who use living room every day, but also enough seating for everyone in the family and at least two more guests. TV as a distraction, shelves, bookcase, desk or table and coffee table for drinks and snacks are all part of these sophisticated settings for hosting and entertainment. Colors of big items such as sofas and armchairs usually tend to be neutral and decorative accessories are used to break the silence with their very bold colors. A well-lit room is also important and especially a place intended for reading-related activities. Both functional and decorating rugs and curtains, as well as bar carts, fireplaces, media console and gaming spots, are all common sights in Scandinavian living rooms with purpose only to feel as welcoming as possible.

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